September 13th, 2004


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My new wallpaper.

This is the Chicago elevated train station (or "L" station, as we called it) at Loyola Avenue, near Loyola University on the North Side. I lived three blocks west and one block south of where this picture was taken. If you were to turn to your right from this picture, you would see the steeple of St. Ignatius Church (where I received my sacraments) and St. Ignatius School (from which I graduated in 1970), which is now the Chicago Waldorf Academy. If you turn to your left, you're looking at Mertz Hall, the main dorm at Loyola University, where I lived for about a year and a half.

OK, I'm a little crazy. Or maybe missing Chicago a little more than usual lately. Or, more likely, missing that period in my life a little more than usual. They warned me that this would probably happen.

If you're at all interested in architecture, transit history, or just curious, check out Chicago "L".org. Oh, and let me know if you run across other sites like this one.
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