November 13th, 2004


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Became totally frustrated with Naturally Speaking and have consigned it once again to the list of things that I'll get around to implementing eventually. It seems like a good enough tool, but I just don't have the time or the patience for it right now.

Sat at Starbucks, my favorite place to write, and wrote about ten longhand pages. I will commence typing them into the Word document that I have been working on all month shortly, and will probably continue until I run out of things to write or until I get tired and want to go to bed. Given that I've had two venti triple mochas (that's three shots apiece), it could be quite a while before I run out of gas. Of course, I won't be able to start until Lucy, my part-Siamese, gets off of my notebook so that I can read what I've written, and I'll probably have to stop intermittently to get Toby off of the radio. I bought a Bose Wave radio a number of years ago, and a few months ago I decided that I could hook it up so that I could play the music that I've accumulated onto my hard drive over the years through its speakers. It works well, except that they put the buttons on top of the darn thing, and the cats love to sit on it for some inexplicable reason, alternately setting the alarms, switching to radio broadcasts of stations that are well outside of range, etc. I understand that Bose has since removed the buttons from their radios, probably because people with cats complained that their little fur kids were doing just what Toby does.

You know, I complain constantly about Toby: he bangs on the doors to get in, or out, he decides he wants attention at the most inopportune times, he whines and complains when he doesn't get his way. But, you know, I remember the day that we met, and how he wanted to go home with me in the worst possible way, and how I couldn't leave him behind, with his pathetic little one eye staring out at me, and you know, I just can't stay mad at him. He frustrates and annoys me (right now, he's sitting on my wrists), and it's all right. I love him too much.

Here's something that follows on to something majkia said the other day:

"I've always believed in writing without a collaborator, because where two people are writing the same book, each believes he gets all the worry and only half the royalties." - Agatha Christie.

And, speaking of Ghostletters and specifically to those of you who are members: Perhaps we need to revive the list?
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Just let me whip this out....

Take the quiz: "What Is Your Kink?"

The world is your stage, and everyone in it is your audience, whether they like it or not. Your favorite place to have sex is the pitcher's mound of a ball stadium, under the arena lights. You are extremely loud when having sex. You don't mind people watching, taking pictures or videotaping you no matter what you're doing. Your motto is It's all about ME!

Thanks, summerlady!

Quick update

I'm at 16,992 words. To get myself back on pace, I'll need to produce 6,341 words today. I'm going for it. I have plenty of music to listen to, and Toby is being more or less cooperative.
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