November 25th, 2004


Happy Bird!

Mom used to say that. She used to say a lot of things. On Thanksgiving, for example, she'd say "I'm going to make the cranberries." Everyone in the house would be working on dinner: my stepfather would be responsible for actually making the dinner, the three (and later four) of us would be busy pulling out the serving pieces, putting all the leaves in the table, and setting it, and Mom would be on the phone with one of her sisters or cousins. Each phone conversation would end with, "I'll talk to you later, Bits (or Moe or Jill or Jinx or Alice or Jack or Jeanne or Kate or whoever), I've got to go make the cranberries." Finally, about half an hour before dinner was ready to be served, Mom would get around to making the cranberries. You'd think that she'd just performed the twelve trials of Hercules when she was done.

I wish she was still around to laugh about it.
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41,739. I'm getting very close to the end. I should finish sometime over the weekend. I'll have to finish by midnight on the 30th. I'm sure I'll do it with time to spare.

The turkey was good. A little spicy, but very moist. I spoke with two of my brothers today and one of them yesterday, so I did the family thing.

The new nephew went through his first Thanksgiving, and my brother joked that he was going to take a picture of him with the turkey, just as his father did to him. Pat was always posed with pumpkins, turkeys, Christmas trees, baskets full of eggs, etc. in his first year. He has the pictures somewhere, I think.