December 3rd, 2004


Life imitates art

I remember a number of years ago that rock guitarist Paul Gilbert, who wrote a (rather good) monthly column for Guitar Player magazine, suggested that there should be a restaurant called the International House of Cereal, where people could go and eat cold cereal in an environment similar to home (servers in pajamas, the smell of bacon cooking, cartoons on TV, etc.). Looks like he got his wish.

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I'm done with a week of training on a product for which I might do some contract training in the near future. I'm pretty happy; I made it through the week and wasn't totally disruptive. Instructors are sometimes the worst students. I have a few assignments to do, which I'll get to starting next week.

I and my trainer friend were late this morning so that we could attend a meeting of independent trainers and consultants. This was one of the first groups that I joined when I knew that I would be unemployed, and it's turned out to be a very edifying and helpful experience. I'm meeting people that do what I would like to do for a living (making a living as independent trainers) and I have to say that they inspire me. When I hear what they're doing, it gives me some idea as to what I'm in for and where I should be looking to carve a niche for myself.

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