January 7th, 2005


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Borrowed from summerlady who borrowed it from silivrenglaur.

Take the first sentence of your first lj entry then your second sentence of your second entry and so on until you have your thirteenth sentence from your thirteenth entry. If you don't have that many sentences, then just do the last sentence. Connect the sentences together and see what nonsense it makes!

OK, so Twila convinced me that this was a blast and I've decided to try it. Still don't get "Seinfeld", and I pretty well tuned out during the latter. Mary's got a terrible case of what was diagnosed by the doc-in-the-box on Saturday as bronchitis. You are a learner who is generally patient and a person for whom time is an ally, not an enemy. There was also a picture, hanging in the bar area, of Jean Harlow, which for some strange reason reminded me of my Aunt Cash, despite the fact that Cash had jet black hair (that got jetter and blacker as she got older). No bladder infection, apparently, but the vet thought there might be a problem elsewhere, and put her on antibiotics. Years ago, there was what, one kind of cough syrup? It wasn't such a bad day after all. Finished the draft that I've been working on for two weeks and passed it along to a coworker for his ideas before I send it to PHB. I got out this afternoon and went to Media Play, and got three new albums: Two By Four by the LA Four (Laurindo Almeida, Bud Shank, Ray Brown and, on this album, Jeff Hamilton); Forever Gold by Charlie "Yardbird" Parker; and Chicago XI by Chicago. My dear friend draiguisge has something going on her journal where she's doing a painting every day for a year. Amazing where one finds inspiration, isn't it?He had made me his own personal project, for some reason, maybe because he didn't like me and the feeling was mutual.

Bedtime for John-zo

I've had a long but productive day today. It started early this morning with ear drops for Judi, after which I left for a meeting of the Independent Trainers and Consultants Network. Then it was off to my client to go over the product certification exam that I've been busting my butt over. I had about an hour and a half in between my two meetings, meaning that I had time to stop for mocha and Internet surfing in between.

As I said, it was a productive day. I got a chance to talk about my recent good fortune with some people who have been independent far longer than I have, and they were kind enough to give me some pointers on getting started. They all felt that I was on the right track by working with one client at a time and getting up to speed on that product, while at the same time looking for additional opportunities. One of the people there might have a line on additional opportunities; he gave me his business card, and asked me to send him my resume.

I learned something else today, too: If someone asks, you can do just about anything, provided that you have actually done it at least once. My contact from above asked if I knew SQL, and I started out by saying "no," largely because I don't have any heavy job experience. But I am pretty good with it, as another friend of mine pointed out. So, I quickly changed my answer to "yes." I may look into BrainBench as a way to get myself some sort of certification in the areas in which I have experience but nothing heavy to put on the resume.

My client said that I'm doing very well in getting certified, and that when I had done a satisfactory job on the product certification, I can invoice them. Is this a great country, or what?

Anyway, I'm beat. Good night.