January 26th, 2005


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Major alert!

John's birthday is Good Friday!

My birthday is this Friday!

I wanted to point out this excellent entry by bayarts. I know that women aren't the only ones that are affected by SAD (siliconshaman, are you listening?), and even those of us who aren't officially diagnosed with it still show signs of it, particularly this time of the year. Two other good things to help you through are massage therapy and exercise. And, of course, get out in the sunshine as much as possible. Even if it is colder than you-know-what outside. Forecast for Detroit tomorrow is 17 degrees (that's Fahrenheit; -8 centigrade, or Celsius). Friday it gets up to a balmy 26! It's 45 degrees warmer than that in Las Vegas, which is what moves it to the top of the list. I know, San Diego would be better, but my chances in Vegas are a little better right now.