May 28th, 2005


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Haven't done a real update in a while, so here we go:

- I've been studying to do a product certification class for my client the past couple of days. Actually, I've been thinking about how I can do the least amount of work and let them learn it on their own, which is a perfectly legitimate adult learning scenario. In other words, let them RTFD and come up with their own answers. My contact at the client actually thinks that's a good way to go.

- We rented some movies the other day, including the original Star Wars, now named Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It's hard to believe that it's nearly 30 years old. It was the first movie that Mary and I saw as a married couple, in 1978, at the old Colony Theater on 59th and Kedzie in Chicago. It's actually quite good, because it has something the "first" trilogy (the ones being released now) doesn't have: a plot. (Some of us had a discussion about this the other day, and decided that V was the best of the bunch, and I personally like VI. The new ones aren't all that good. Sorry.) We also rented National Treasure, which put me to sleep and which we turned off after about 45 minutes because neither Mary nor I was getting into it, and Ray, which we just watched this afternoon and which was excellent.

- I ordered several CDs from a company called Brain Sync, which arrived the other day. They work on the basis of "brain wave audio technology"; in other words, their recordings have specific tones and frequencies that stimulate beta, alpha, theta and delta waves in the brain. I used to use Sound Sleep when I first started traveling and had to deal with changing time zones all the time, so I bought that one, as well as one for weight loss that includes subliminal messages, and one that stimulates the beta waves and helps with focusing on tasks at hand. It's supposed to be good for people with ADD, which I think I might just have a little touch of.

- While I'm on that subject: the other day, I came to the conclusion that my mind is full of these little people that want to do productive things (e.g. write, play the guitar, do productive work), but that there's this one big gate-keeper in front of all of them that holds them at bay so that I can goof off and not do any of those productive things. It reminded me of something that Virginia Postrel said about her depression, that there were things that she loved (her writing, taking long walks, her husband) and that her anti-depressants simply helped her remember that she loved those things. The point is that I'm not sure whether I'm dealing with depression, ADD, a byproduct of hypertension, or I'm just plain tired, but I've been beating myself up over being unproductive, and I'm not sure that it's just plain laziness.

A couple of you did postings this past week regarding either natural supplements for high blood pressure or about what works for them in dealing with it, and I came to the conclusion that my doctor is blaming my hypertension totally on me, has left me on the wrong medication for several years, and it's a waste of time and money dealing with her. I told Mary this, and she suggested that I seek out a doctor who is also a naturopath. I know that there are several in the Atlanta area (my massage therapist/lymphatic drainage expert mentioned one or two of them, but wasn't sure where they were), so I'll be looking.

I could very easily get started talking about what I think of the whole "health care" thing...but I won't. Not now, anyway.

- One thing that I did discover was that, by actually writing all of this out the other day while I was at Starbucks, I felt the pall lift, my spirits got better, and I've had a very happy week since then. Another thing that I discovered was that a pair of headphones and a ballgame on the radio does wonders at keeping the gatekeeper occupied. One or two of you will be interested to know that I came up with an entire new scenario for one of my Ghostletters characters while the gatekeeper was listening to the Phillies beat up on the Braves. (You all know her; she took over for me a couple of months ago.) And let's just say that one particularly nasty post from one of you got me thinking about it.

- Another thing that arrived this week was my Aebersold play-along book featuring the music of Cole Porter. I also picked up volume 2 of Ella Fitzgerald's recording of Porter's music, as well as her recording of the Jerome Kern songbook. I got a lot to do this summer.

That's all from this end. Thanks for letting me monopolize your Friends page.