August 28th, 2005


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Has anyone else noticed, on those Toyota clearance commercials they've been running the last couple of weeks, that the background music is "What Will We Do With The Drunken Sailor?" in a fancy-schmancy orchestrated version?


Had a funny experience while my colleague and I were waiting for my luggage here in Chicago. An attractive, tall, blonde woman and a young man with a video camera came up and introduced herself as a reporter from one of the local channels (the specific channel and the reporter's name are withheld to avoid embarrassment and potential lawsuits). She says, "So, you guys just flew in from Atlanta, right?" My travel partner and I say yes, to which she says, "So, how was it flying in from Atlanta?" And, we said fine (maybe a little bumpy, but I slept through most of the flight). "You mean, even with Katrina coming through, it was all right?" Now, the two of us look at one another, and I'm like, huh? She points out on a map where Katrina is headed, and I point out that (a) Katrina has not yet made landfall, and (b) even if it had, Atlanta is "way over here" (I said, pointing at the map) and, aside from some rain later in the week, it wasn't going to come anywhere nearby. I even pointed out the actual path of the storm. She said, "....oh....", thanked us for our time, and disappeared into the crowd.

You'd never catch Lana Dean in a situation like that...