September 15th, 2005


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First of all, my sincere condolences to freyas_fire, whose Lugh passed away yesterday.

Speaking of cats, Minnie and Max had their first trip to the vet yesterday. Mary was worried about Minnie, whose "meow" sounds more like a quack than a squeak, thinking that she might have gotten into something that hurt her, but the vet said what we've known all along, that they're both healthy and happy and extraordinarily playful. She gave them all of their shots, including the FIV and FIP vaccines, and told us that they'd probably be very quiet in the afternoon, what with their immune systems occupied. They slept for about an hour, then resumed running around the house, chasing after (and being chased by) any and every cat that walked by, playing with Mary's knitting needles while Mary was trying to knit with them, and in general causing all sorts of very funny things to happen.

Yesterday, after paying my estimated taxes, I went out to have another drug test done, because the people for whose benefit I paid said estimated taxes felt that the facility at which I had the original test done had cooties and told me to have it done somewhere else. Mary and I drove up and down one particular stretch of road several times looking for one of them, at which point we decided to head home and find another facility. I found a facility that, as it turns out, was much closer to home, and went there, where I was informed that, in order to have a drug test done, I had to have the orders of the people who had requested said drug test. By now having wasted half the day trying to please these people, I left a nasty voice mail message for our project leader and went home. Having not heard from my contact yesterday, I sent an email. Turns out they received the original drug test results (which, for those of you who think I have something to hide, were clean. I don't even drink anymore) and felt that they were all right after all, but that the final determination would be by the security group (who hasn't even seen the entire packet yet, so God alone knows what they're going to ask for next, since it now has to sit on someone's desk for a week or so when it gets there).

EDIT: That ended rather abruptly, didn't it?

Anyway, we'll have to see what this particular federal agency has to say when they see my paperwork. I'm sure I'll have a whole lot more to say when they call and ask me for all kinds of other documentation, etc.