September 21st, 2005


(no subject)

Greetings from beautiful downtown Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Yes, we're on our way to Chicago to check on the building and visit relatives once again.

We left a little after 7 Marietta time and arrived here at 4 local time, about ten hours door to door with time off for meals and rests. Yes, we could (and have) made it in one day, but I'm not really up for that amount of driving on the way up, although we typically make it back in one day about half the time.

We went to the pool when we got in, and I walked around for about half an hour to cool down and to flex my knees and stretch my quadriceps and hamstrings. Then we had a pizza. Mary's in bed after a bath. I'm sitting here pecking at the keyboard. I may join her soon. Hey, it's vacation for us, just getting in the van and driving. Being there isn't as much fun as getting there. The going is the relaxation; the being there is more like work.

My brain's moving slowly right now. I think I'll stop here. Good night.