January 15th, 2006


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At the behest of summerlady, five guilty pleasures:

1. Swing Out Sister. I love Corinne Drewery's voice; I could listen to it all day, at full volume.
2. Arby's jamocha shakes. Especially now that I can't have them.
3. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. In fact, a lot of my reading is of the mystery/romance genre. I'll be reading chick lit before long if I'm not careful.
4. Spanish language television (Univision and Telemundo). I don't speak Spanish, but they just look like they're having such fun, and the scantily clad women...well...
5. Memes on LiveJournal.

I won't tag anyone, but anyone who wants to respond...

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Another day spent out of the house, mostly. Mass at noon, then to the grocery store, then off to Starbucks again for an afternoon with our heads in books. Having gotten halfway through Sunset Detectives by Herman Weiss yesterday and getting totally frustrated with the eternally jumping point of view, I went with a book on writing (the Gotham Writers' Workshop's Writing Fiction, as if I need to be reading any more books on writing). Perhaps I should bring one of my books of sudoku puzzles next time. I've tried bringing a notebook, which works fine when I'm sitting at a table, but Mary likes to sit in the comfy chairs, which make it a little hard to write, and I don't just want to sit somewhere else away from her. Perhaps a stiff back notebook? Hmm...hadn't thought of that...

Off to have the car serviced tomorrow. The Honda dealer is close to my doctor's office, so I'll stop there on the way back and pick up whatever new supplements she wants me to take. I know I'm taking Mary there on Wednesday, but I'm trying to be sure to take everything the doctor wants me to take. I trust this one.

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