January 19th, 2006


(no subject)

I'm still working, believe it or not. I was asked by the boss to create CD's for next week's certification class, 10 each of two different directories, 20 in all, and he wanted them labeled. So, I managed to download all of the files (no mean feat, considering my connection to the FTP server was up and down and my wi-fi connection was, for some reason, continually cutting out on me), using both my desktop and my laptop simultaneously, then burning them on this ultra-fast CD burner that I have that, due to the sheer volume, takes 15-20 minutes to burn them. I had to go out and buy CD labels (Office Depot is only five minutes away, fortunately), then find label creation software on the Internet, learn how to use it, and print the labels (as it turns out, Avery was nice enough to include label design software in the damn box with everything else, but did I bother to look for it? Of course not!). I got all of one batch done, I'm waiting as the second one chugs along (I'm on my 5th of 10). All at $35/hour. Life is good.

All else is well at this end, apart from the ears that are now taking turns closing up and hurting on me. My doctor didn't see anything the last time I was in. I'm going to see her in two weeks, at which point I'll ask her if there's anything she can do for me. Perhaps by then it'll have cleared up.

I still feel like I'm losing weight. My clothes are getting looser, I'm finding doing simple tasks (which I'll spare you) much easier, I feel like I have more energy, and my frame of mind is much better than it's been for some time. Yesterday I made chili using turkey instead of ground beef and regular kidney and pinto beans rather than the ones that are already made up for chili, and it turned out really good. It was a much-needed break from what we've been eating (plain chicken, turkey or fish, rice and beans, and broccoli).

Anyway, I've got a while before this is done. Think I'll do something productive.