January 29th, 2006


(no subject)

I talked to my brother this morning, the one that had had the mild stroke the other day. We had a lot of laughs, and I'm glad to say that he's doing all right, albeit a bit bummed about losing the sight in his eye. He's hopeful that it'll come back eventually; apparently it's not an uncommon thing at all. I did tell him that I was glad that he was all right, or at least as all right as could be under the circumstances, and that I loved him. (Interesting; since Mom died, telling my brothers that I love them has been very easy to do. It makes me grateful for my family.)

We had intended on going to Mass at noon at a parish different from ours, but when we got their, we realized that it was the Spanish Mass. So, we went to plan B: lunch at Chili's (I had their Margarita Lime Chicken, which is served with beans, rice and pico de gallo. Yum!), and a couple of hours hanging around at Starbucks with a couple of cups of coffee. I spent the time reading Writing The Novel by Lawrence Block. I found a first edition of it at the local used book store, among the clearance books. I find Block's mysteries to be a bit hard to get into, but his writing books are a riot.

Back to the old grind tomorrow.