February 26th, 2006


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Since I'm up at this ungodly hour (2:40 AM), might as well do the funnies:

Dilbert is good. I swear, I have had users like this. You want to smack them right upside the head.

Big Nate is all about motivational posters.

Get Fuzzy features a few lines that I'll have to remember, given that it's an election year. I really, really, really like Bucky's political leanings...

Unfit sounds familiar.

Day By Day's Sunday extra is all too familiar.

I should really go to bed...

(no subject)

Not much to say about the weekend. I spent most of today recreating two years' worth of history for one of the stocks that I sold last year, in preparation for turning my taxes over to the accountant (when I take over, the IRS is the first thing to go). It rained yesterday, so we went for coffee and spent most of the afternoon there. Today, we just hung out at home.

I'm off to watch a rerun of CSI: Miami. Thank heaven the Olympics are over. Now the TV schedules can get back to normal.

Later, dudes.