March 15th, 2006


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Hump day funnies:

Day By Day addresses a subject near and dear to my heart, e.g. getting old (or something like that).

Cox and Forkum is about the convergence of two items in the news.

Winger and Minion are having the sort of conversation I wish a lot of us could have. I think they make a very cute couple, kind of like Damon and Jan or Sam and Zed in "Day By Day".

Attack Cartoons thinks we ought to arm the idiot-seeking missiles.

Dilbert discusses an important topic: plant harrassment in the workplace.

I guess the reason that today's Get Fuzzy appeals to me so much is that Bucky is coming up with acronyms for everything. I do that a lot. Drives Mary crazy.

Unfit follows on from yesterday's topic. I guess the theme is "Don't ask if you don't want to know the answer."

Today is the Ides of March! There was a band from Chicago called the Ides of March! Remember their one hit?

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I wonder if Jim Peterik is still around?

EDIT: Damn! He is still around! Still rockin' the joint, too, apparently! His webpage reminds me that the Ides had another big hit (probably just in Chicago) called "LA Goodbye". I remember it was a beautiful tune.