March 16th, 2006


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Thursday 'toons:

Dilbert provides some helpful gardening tips.

Unfit took me a minute, but it's a good one.

Working Daze gives me an idea of where I'd like to work. I've been to companies that have their own barista in the cafeteria...

Cox and Forkum's topic for today: Bonfire of the Mullahs.

Attack Cartoons provides a business proposition.

That's it for today. You might want to check out Virginia Postrel's Dynamist Blog, particularly the last several entries, on the economics of organ donation and who she would pick as the Democratic candidate in 2008.

Have a good one. I'm off to the dentist.

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My visit to the dentist went well today. I still have teeth and none of them need to be drilled or pulled. They're now nice and clean.

I'm pretty well finished with my materials for next week. I'll finish them up tomorrow morning and get them to the printer. Unfortunately, I'll have to lug them with me to the client. Life sucks sometimes.

I'm sorta half-watching the World Baseball Classic game between the US and Mexico. Right now, Mexico's winning. For all the hoopla over this tournament, I don't really see anything all that exciting about it. It's either this or NCAA basketball. Nothing else appeals to me.

anderyn wanted me to do this, and I have no idea what I'm going to say:

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Mary and I went and hung out at Starbucks for about four hours today. Honestly, we spend more time there than teenaged girls. For us, it's cheap, because we have one of those Duetto cards and charge nearly everything on it, so we get venti points in return that we can use for coffee, the CDs they sell there, and just time away from home. I spend the time scribbling in a notebook, Mary reads or does homework. It's relaxing. I can't spend more than five minutes in my office without one of my cats screaming at the door to be let in, or pulling on it to try and open the door. (The door pushes in, so pulling on it doesn't work, but you can't convince Toby.) Try to meditate or get any work done with that racket going on. Sheesh. I have noise-cancelling headphones that I can use, I guess, but that won't fly in this house. Not that I'm complaining.

Read this joke today:

A writer and a producer are walking through the desert. It's hot, they're parched, and pretty soon the writer starts hallucinating. He sees a mirage of an oasis with a pool of cold water, trees, grass, the whole works. It's so realistic that before long the producer is seeing it, and then, lo and behold, they're standing on it. The producer shoves the writer aside, saying "Wait a second!" He walks up to the pool of water and relieves himself in it. He turns back around and says, "There! Now it's perfect."

I don't know how funny you thought that was, but I found it hilarious. Maybe it's my state of mind.

Anyhow, I'm tired, it's getting late, and I've spent enough time on the computer. See y'all tomorrow.