March 22nd, 2006


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Wednesday funnies:

Get Fuzzy got me laughing pretty hard.

Working Daze brings back some not-so-fond memories.

Day By Day has me breathing heavily, for some reason...

Cox & Forkum talks about who's on the sidelines.

Winger from yesterday features another bulletin from CBS News.

Attack Cartoons has a beauty...

4-Block World talks about things that, fortunately, I've never undergone. Anyone remember the song he's referring to, and who did it?

See ya later.

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My idiot cousin managed to win the Democratic primary for Illinois State Senate. Looks like his opponent in the general election is going to be getting a fairly large donation from an anonymous donor from Georgia.

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Does this surprise anybody at all?

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Just so happens I'm reading a book called "The Comic Toolbox" that I bought for a class a few years ago.

Today was an OK day. I had a lot of interruptions...first, the client had an all-hands meeting at 9 AM, so I started at a little after 8 and had an hour and a half off later. The rest of the day, they had a meeting in the room next to mine, meaning that I had to hold it down, because they couldn't hear one another over me. (Did I happen to mention that I'm working in a conference room in a manufacturing plant? I've been dodging forklift trucks all week, and I've had at least two women from the shop floor hit on me.)

Big TV night: Out of Practice is back, and Criminal Minds and CSI: NY are both new. (One of my dream writing projects is to do the script from which CSI: Chicago is launched.)

Anyway...I'm going to hang out for a while, then turn this off and turn on the TV.