April 22nd, 2006


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Saturday funnies:

Tom McMahon gives us Victor Frankl's 4-Block of Life. Victor is absolutely right.

Day By Day is good...it reminds me of my old chiropractor, who used to let his dogs run on his treadmill.

We all know people like Topper in today's Dilbert. Maybe that's why the comic is so good.

Compared to the other reports Mrs. Godfrey is reading, I'd prefer Big Nate's. But then, I've never been to teachers' college.

Can you imagine The Lettermen doing their version of Ralph's song in today's Drabble? I can. In four part harmony...

This week's Get Fuzzy has given me a greater appreciation for Pearls Before Swine, which is going to be added to my daily reading (and possibly my daily reviews).

And, the aforementioned Pearls Before Swine reminds me of something from "Monty Python's Meaning Of Life".

I've been wondering what Unfit's Mike's wife's name was.

If I didn't know that there were people like Roy in today's Working Daze, I wouldn't find this funny.

Have a good Saturday.

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We had lunch with a friend of ours this afternoon, to celebrate our birthdays (mine, Mary's and hers).

I've been having cellphone troubles lately. The one I'd been using wasn't picking up calls, wasn't receiving calls even though I was getting excellent reception (if you go by the bars), and people were starting to wonder what had happened to me. So, I call my provider and they say they'll send one out, and I have to send the old one back. I finally get the phone when I got home Friday, I've had it for all of about 12 hours, and it doesn't work any better than the one that they said they'd repair. So, I went out and bought me a new phone, one that I'm sure will be much more reliable. Of course, I got home and didn't have a charger in the box, so I have a call in to them...

I think I told everyone this: I'm working on a project for work that promises some extra money if I can finish it by Monday at 0900. Naturally, the application is giving me fits, but I'm determined to make it work. I'm a stubborn SOB sometimes. It's part of my charm. Anyway, I've been kind of catching up as I go along with all of you, but if you haven't heard from me, know that I'm thinking about you and that you all are in my prayers and thoughts.