April 27th, 2006


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Thursday Thoons (well, it sounded good to me):

Dilbert brings us Vijay, the world's most desperate venture capitalist.

Drabble reminds me that there are choices to be made in life.

Get Fuzzy reminds us of how difficult it is to pick a title sometimes. I find that's the hardest part of writing.

Pearls Before Swine makes me happy that we don't have a homeowner's association in my subdivision. (Yes, we have a pool and tennis courts, but no, I don't use them, and no, I'm not forced to pay for them.)

Unfit finds Stacey in a pensive mood.

Working Daze pokes more fun at Roy, the technoweenie.

Winger has an update to the caveman story.

Cox & Forkum has a cautionary tale about medical research.

Day By Day features Neil Young, sort of.

4 Block World is about heart surgery.

Ipso Facto features an old-fashioned comic about April showers.

That's it for today! Back to dealing with my database issue.