May 17th, 2006


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Thanks to Chris Muir of Day By Day for carrying an ad on his site for Hands Off The Internet, an organization that "is a nationwide coalition of Internet users united together in the belief that the Net's phenomenal growth over the past decade stems from the ability of entrepreneurs to expand consumer choices and opportunities without worrying about government regulation." It's worth a click to see what our fiends in Washington are doing, or at least planning to do.

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Wednesday funnies:

The bookstore that Winger works at is getting some competition from Book Racks, which appears to be a combination of Barnes and Noble and Hooters.

Cox & Forkum, as always, provides some insight into the whole immigration debate.

Attack Cartoons shows us one of the big problems of our current election system, the fact that the incumbency rate in Congress is somewhere near 98 percent. I mean, come on, this is a nation of almost 300 million people; how do we end up with virtually the same 535 running things all the time?

4-Block World brings us "weasel words".

Gaggle brings us three days' worth of headlines from USA Today.

Dilbert brings us the guys from Google again.

Get Fuzzy shows Bucky going back into business, and getting almost immediate competition from Satchel.

In Pearls Before Swine, the duck goes to an anger management class.

Unfit reminds me of the days when I worked out with a personal trainer. Maybe that's why I read it.

That's all for today! Hang in there!