August 25th, 2006


(no subject)

I think I found the perfect image of Mary Cecelia. Those of you who know her (she did my journal a couple of years ago, remember?) will probably agree.

Yes, I'm working on Friday night. I sorta blew off today, knowing that I would have better luck doing software installs on the servers at work when everyone had gone home for the day. My servers are all reachable via Remote Terminal Services, and it's cooler in my office in the evening, and somehow I feel as though the bad mojo in my office goes to sleep after hours. I'm serious--I think my office is possessed by some sort of depressed and angry spirit. Maybe it's all the time I spent in here after I was relieved of my job a couple of years ago. I don't know. Maybe I should get rid of all the furniture in here and start over again.

We're thinking of taking a drive down to Macon tomorrow. We've never been, it's only a couple hours away, and it's the home of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, among other things. We might even spend the night and come back on Sunday. That is, if we can get our backsides out of bed in the morning. If not, maybe we'll do it next weekend. We've been spending a lot of time at home, and our usual haunts outside the house just don't cut it right now. Whatever we do, I'm going to try to have fun, and will probably spend a lot of time away from the computer.

I've decided that one of the things I need to do as much as possible is to shut the computer off at night and engage myself in restorative activities, i.e. any activity that doesn't involve staring at a computer monitor. Think I can do it?

I'm sorry I've fallen out of touch with a lot of you. I promise that I will catch up one of these days. Just know that you're in my thoughts.

Note to dafne99: I tried emailing you on the project we talked about to the address in your profile, and it bounced back to me. Try emailing me at john (at) john (dash) holton (dot) com.