October 23rd, 2007


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I don't know if you remember the story of the administrative law judge in Washington, DC, who sued a dry cleaner owned by a Korean couple for $67 million (later reduced to $54 million) over a $10.50 alteration in which the couple misplaced (and later found) a pair of pants he had brought in to be tailored.  A judge later dismissed the case, but that didn't prevent the couple from having to close their shop (they do have another, so they're not destitute, but still...). 

Anyway, it seems that the judge has lost his job.

Serves his ass right.

Get this: he's going to the appellate court to have the case reopened.  Good luck with that, assclown.

(no subject)

I'm thinking of changing my name, a la darth_firefly. JOHLT was my MVS user ID at my old job; it's been my Internet ID since 1993, when I got my first AOL account, simply because I couldn't think of anything better to use. I left the job, but kept the ID, but I think it's time to ditch it as well, at least here.

Problem is, every user name I come up with that's my name (john_holton, johnholton, johncholton, john_c_holton, jcholton, jc_holton, j_c_holton, etc. ad nauseum) is taken. None of those is associated with a journal, which means that there might have been one there that has been deleted, so I could put myself on the waiting list that apparently exists for that purpose but which I haven't found.

I considered glenwood_avenue, my old street as a kid that is of significance...not available. alberta_lane, where I live now, is another possibility, but even if it's available, it sounds like a woman's name (that would make a good female character name, now that I think of it).

There is always chief_jack, which would be appropriate, since this is Chief Jack's Galley. The only problem is, I'm a John, not a Jack. (I considered johnny_holton, but that's not available.) If I'm going to cough up $15, I'd at least like to be happy with it.

Suggestions? Should I just stick with the name I've got now, put myself on the waiting list, try another name?