October 29th, 2007


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Real class, that A-Rod...

Bye-bye, A-Rod: Rodriguez ends contract with New York Yankees

DENVER (AP) -- Alex Rodriguez and agent Scott Boras picked quite a time for their big announcement.

Smack in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series, Boras ended months of speculation and said A-Rod is opting out of the final three seasons of his contract with the New York Yankees.

Oh, and Boras let the Yankees know by leaving a voice mail for general manager Brian Cashman.

At least the Boston fans had the right idea:

After their team won the title for the second time in four seasons, they stood behind the visitors' dugout at Coors Field and chanted: "Don't sign A-Rod!"

I was under the impression that teams couldn't make major announcements until after the World Series. I guess that rule doesn't apply to Scott Boras.