January 10th, 2008


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Found this clip of The Making of Star Wars, circa 1977, on FuzzyMemories.TV. It features an incredibly young and (pardon me for pointing out) hot looking Carrie Fisher, who was born the same year as I was (1956), so she's about 19 in this film. Carrie is a great writer, a fine actress and commentator on movies, and still incredibly hot. I point this out because I hit my hotness peak in 5th grade (the year my icon was taken). Anyway, thought y'all might be interested in seeing this, particularly those of you who weren't even around in 1977.

Thursday afternoon

I'm beat. I've just had a lot of busy work to do today, both for work and around the house. I woke up tired, and just got more tired through the day. But, I got a couple of nagging things done today, so I feel better.

The office looks like a tornado hit it, and I don't feel up to cleaning it. Since I'll spend most of tomorrow morning listening to a company meeting, I'll do it then.

Remember yesterday I was talking about the horrible uniforms Bill Veeck dressed the White Sox in during the late 1970's? Here's a picture. They also--no kidding--wore shorts in one game.

Why am I writing about baseball? Because I feel like I need to do something to break this rut.

I think I'll turn this damn thing off and go live life for a change.