January 21st, 2008


The beginning of a new work week...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wingguy! Hope it's a good one for you!

We discovered a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink Saturday, so we've been trying to avoid running the water while we wait for a plumber to come today. We could have booked him for Saturday, but it would have cost a bundle. We're not using God's Gift To Plumbing, who is much more expensive and who spends half his time telling us how great he is.

It's quite nice outside, and considerably warmer than it's been, so I hope we can get out today. The front stairs are apparently icy, but I can go out through the garage. The chair elevator that we now regret having installed is still there, so I can ride it up and down. We'll have to have it taken out and install banisters eventually.

I read The Hard Way by Lee Child yesterday. It was excellent, as are all of his books. I borrowed the library's copy, and someone before me had chosen to underline every occurrence of the phrase "the hard way" in it, which I found damn annoying, but the book was good nonetheless.

So, I'm sitting here waiting for a fire to break out so I can put it out. I have one class going on which is using most of the training resources on one machine, another person using an instance on another machine, and not much else going on. I need to figure out why I have to restart my machines after an install, because Apache isn't recognizing the instance after it's been stopped and restarted. Something weird is going on, because if I remember correctly it was working fine before the stroke...

Plumber update

He came, looked under the sink, tightened all the joints by hand, and wrote up an estimate to replace everything so he could justify only charging us for the service call. He said that he didn't recommend that we do anything, which is good.

Yeah, we probably could have done it ourselves, but then we'd really need a plumber.

On the work front, I tried to check on Usenet to see if there was anything about my Apache problem. There wasn't. Maybe I should post something there, except I'd probably get a lot of "Why don't you move to Linux?" Which I'd love to do, but right now I'm the only Linux guy... Looks like I'm going to have to try and figure it out on my own.