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All right, I'm ready to go home now...

...not that I can, but I'm ready to go anyway.

After yesterday's continuous activity, today was a bit of a letdown. It was more overcast and chilly than it was yesterday, which probably had a lot to do with it. Plus, I didn't have the energy that I had yesterday (probably because I blew off so much of it yesterday). I did go back to the Pike Street Market and purchase a CD of some Egyptian percussion music, which I'm enjoying even as we speak (or rather, as I type for you to read later).

I also had my pictures developed. They didn't turn out as well as I thought they would. Unfortunately, with the single-use cameras, what you see through the viewer is not necessarily what you're going to get when the pictures are developed. I should be able to scan in some of the better ones and crop them so that they look good. In some cases (e.g. the pictures taken from the observation deck of the Space Needle) that may not be entirely possible; for example, what I thought would be a fairly clear picture of Mt. Rainier turned out with the cables of the observation deck cutting across it. I definitely should have brought along the digital camera.

I finally came back to the room at about three this afternoon and have been hanging out here since then.

Oh, I did try to get in touch with a former co-worker who lives here now. I couldn't find her in the phone book, so I emailed her. She called me this afternoon. From Singapore. Guess we didn't coordinate calendars all that well.

Speaking of which, I've got one of my co-workers coming in tonight. I'm wondering if he's going to call.

Anyway, dinner's here. More later, perhaps....

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