John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

June 3rd! A whole ton of birthdays today!

First off, to my buddies writer_chick (thought you could keep me from remembering by removing your birthday from your profile, huh?) and wicked_x_game (is this the big one-eight for you?).

And let's not forget five of the little furry monsters that run my life: Lovey, Tuffy, Cashie, Li'l Linda and Jackie. They turn 8 today. I remember being on the phone with my mother as Mary (who midwifed Judi, the pregnant stray that we took in) kept coming down saying "We have another one!" Mom thought we were nuts. She was right, bless her heart.

Finally, to the lovely and talented Miss Lana Dean, one of the many buddies I've created for the Ghostletters mailing list. She's made a trip to Rome and fallen in love with a Swiss Guard, by the way...

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