John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Typical Sunday...Mary and I ditched Mass (it's all reruns during the summer, anyway) and went to lunch and for coffee, then went to the health club, where I walked around in the pool for about 45 minutes. It's about the only way I can exercise these days; my knees and back are killing me. I need to get back to doing some kind of workout, and stretching and doing exercises in the pool where I'm moving my legs and knees seems to be a good way to get it done. Crunches would probably be the best thing. They strengthen the abs, thus taking most of the work off of the back. I guess I forgot just how strenuous traveling was.

We got a lot of rain and high wind here a little while ago. It didn't cause any damage, thank heaven. By the time the aftermath of a hurricane gets to me, it's pretty well broken up, although Opal caused a lot of damage in this area a few years back, and there's always the chance of tornadoes when the atmosphere is this volatile. This is as close to the shore as I want to get.

I have a busy week ahead of me. I'm getting ready for an engagement in Minneapolis next week, and have to assemble and customize the training materials. It's going to give me my first exposure to using Oracle rather than SQL Server as my database. Can anyone out there suggest a good book on Oracle administration? I'm going to need to install Oracle and the customer's database on my laptop to get this done. Of course, I'm going to be using one of the servers at the office as my primary. Provided that using it doesn't turn into the three-ring circus that the first server has been (I still haven't got it running).

Oh, well, I'm going to relax a little before bedtime. Good night.

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