John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Managed to get Oracle working on my laptop, which is a good thing, not only because now I can use my laptop as a backup server for next week, but also so I could finish my training manual, which I did about two hours ago. It's at the printer now, where I can pick it up tomorrow after 6 PM, so I can take my trip to Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon. The last time I was in Minneapolis was about five years ago, right after my mother died.

I've been thinking that, since leaving my old job a little over a year ago, I have learned a little bit about so many things, most of them technical: web server software (IIS and Apache), databases (MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle), operating systems (OK, I knew Windows, UNIX and Linux, but not on the level that I know them now), networks, etc. It's really been great. And I've proven that I can live pretty well without a job per se. I say it again: I should have done this years ago.

I'm beat. I'm off to bed.

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