John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Off to the shower in a minute. Did not sleep well last night; probably too much coffee on top of the adrenaline rush of traveling. Plus, the air conditioning unit in the room kept shutting on and off, which I hate. Some units will keep running and circulating the air in the room even when they're not cooling it. This one would come on loudly and shut off loudly about every 20 minutes, so just as I was almost asleep, WHUNK! It'd stop. Then, I'd get used to the sort of eerie silence, and WHUNK! It'd start up again. I finally cranked it all the way up so that I'd have a chance at getting to sleep before it shut off again. Of course, it was like a meat locker in here when I woke up, but at least I got some rest.

We didn't get the rain we were promised last night. I'll have to turn on the news and find out what the weather's going to be like today.

Man, this is a noisy place in the morning. For the last half hour, people have been out in the hall, slamming doors and shouting to one another. It's like a bus station. I've already given up on there being any doughnuts by the time I get to the continental breakfast. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to get there when it opens, grab what I want and go back to the room. The really weird thing about it is, I've seen most of the guests here, and I swear, the average age is deceased. I'm about the youngest person in the hotel. One of those great mysteries of life.

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