John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I found out today that the reason nearly every hotel in this area is at full occupancy is because of a big soccer tournament, of all the damn things in the world. Fleo de saeculo nostro.

It was considerably cooler and less humid today. Not that it mattered. So far, I've been two places: the hotel and the customer site. OK, three places: the car. I'll get out tomorrow, I think.

Class is going well. The people are friendly, and I feel like I'm helping them. It's nice to feel that way.

Mary was worried about Angus, so she took him in to the vet. He had a little upper respiratory infection, so she got Clavamox for him. The vet also pointed out that he's got an overbite. I considered renaming him "Bucky," but we already have one of those. Then, I was going to name him Amadeus, after Mother Amadeus, my second grade teacher who had a considerable overbite, but Mary said that was mean. OK, so it was. Come to think of it, he looks a little like a beaver. Maybe I should name him Bubbe after Bubbe Beaver, a character on The Magic Door, a Jewish kids' show that played on Sunday mornings when I was growing up. (The star of the show was Tiny Tov.)

Or I could just stick with Angus. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

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