John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

PERFECT OCTAVE. Idealistic and conforming, you
want there to be the least dissonance possible,
so you always listen to everyone else to make
sure you're going with the flow and staying in
tune with everyone else. Everyone from the
Barqoue period onwards has told you to be your
own person and do your own thing, but you think
that's all bunk. Who ever said parallel
octaves were a bad thing???

What musical interval are you?
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Wes Montgomery used to play in octaves. They sound really great on the guitar.

I'm getting out of my office and going to get a fresh start in the AM. I have a few things to finish up tomorrow, but right now I'm tired and my brain is cramping. Besides, Toby is about to drive me nuts with his bang-bang-bang on the door to my office.

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