John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Managed, at long last, to get the book put together, and I notice that it's missing a whole bunch of stuff. So, I call the guy who put the thing together, and he said, "Whoops! I never finished that part!" So, he's working on that while I wait. I mean, I could have put it together. Y'know, it was the boss's idea to have someone else put my materials together as a way of "helping" me....

Guess I should work on some of the other crap that I have to do by Monday.

EDIT: Apparently he tried to email it to me, and it was too big for my mailbox. Hmmmm.....

FURTHER EDIT: Discovered why it's too big for my mailbox. It's almost as large as what he sent me before. Understand, I was supposed to receive 630 or so pages from him. I was down to 545. Then, this 400-or-so page behemoth arrives, and there ain't a whole lot that I can cut. I'm sorely tempted to have all of it printed and just tell them to work through it on their own. Of course, I have to proof it, too. Guess I should get off my ass and do that.

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