John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Class is over, hallelujah. Reviews have been mostly good, although the person who spent the first three days playing NIGYSOB (read Eric Berne's book Games People Play for an explanation) rated me a bit low. Oh well, they're not going to get rid of me because of a clunker of a review. They can't. Can they?

Again, I have a number of ideas for how to improve the training we give to the new hires. With the clients, we can get by with the sort of "do this, do that" approach, but we really need to focus on problem solving and configuration with our own people (gee, I sound like I work there) and focus less on pushing them through the same material that we customize for the clients.

I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, as in, I'm going to set the alarm for 8 instead of 5. I have an audience with the boss in the afternoon, so I'm not going in until after lunch.

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