John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

So, last week, after running a program on my laptop with six busy students hitting it as a server and with at least two instances of Powerpoint running, and having it grind to a dead halt, I decide to upgrade the amount of memory from 512MB (although the properties screen showed 480MB, which I'm coming to) to 1024MB, which should be enough to run anything. The directions provided with my laptop lead me to believe that there is (are?) 512 MB installed on a single memory module, so I figure, I buy a second 512 and that should get me up to the 1 GB level, or at least over the 480.

It takes me two days to get the cover off the bottom of the laptop. I manage somehow to strip both screw heads, one so badly that I finally had to pull out my hand drill and drill it off. And, lo and behold, once I get the cover off, I discover that there are two 256MB memory modules staring up at me. Undaunted, I remove one of the memory modules and, when it proves to work, I order a second, figuring that I need more than the 734MB that it's now showing.

I pick up said memory module today, replace it, and it brings me up to 992 MB, still 32 MB shy of the 1 GB that I was expecting, but much better than it had been. I had thought that the missing 32 MB was a bad part on the memory module, but it now appears that they'll have to go in and fix something on the motherboard, which I'll get done when I have the time, which doesn't appear to be anytime soon.

Apart from that, all is well at this end. The kittens are being adorable, as is often the wont of kittens (particularly these two), and the others have adjusted to their being here for the most part.

And, I need to get some real work done. I've been helping Mary in between getting work done, and making hotel reservations and doing all kinds of other crap that needs doing but doesn't seem to get done ever. I need to get a couple of printer cartridges. Maybe I'll do that this evening.

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