John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Quick update, because I'm under some pressure to complete this project I'm working on. Going through the sample material with the boss yesterday yielded a whole bunch of stuff that has needed fixing since approximately the beginning of time, so I'm making all of those changes, as well as a few ideas he thought would be a good idea to do. And it all has to be done by noon tomorrow. I've gotten some of the changes made, have to work like hell to get the rest of them done. Which, of course, is why I'm farting around with this thing.

Have had a real motherf*r of a headache the last several days, probably a combination of stress and the oppressive heat and humidity. I've tried to stay in as much as possible, so I'm going a bit stir-crazy. I'm promising myself a day out on Saturday, while Mary and her knitting buddies are off to a friend's yarn yard sale.

Got a new cellphone yesterday. This one makes all kinds of funny noises and has a pretty screen on it. No camera. It's set up for text messaging, but I don't want to get into that. At least not yet.

I may have blown one or two of you off on Hug Day the other day. I'm sorry. Charge my head and not my heart.

Back to to you again when I get my head up from underwater.

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