John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Long day. Spent most of the early part of the day installing an enormous database on my laptop, only to discover that my response time on it ground to nearly a halt when I tried to use it to build my training materials for next week. So, I installed the database on one of the big servers at the office (one that I'll now be using as my primary) and it worked great. Now, to build the training materials. I'll actually get some help in that endeavor starting tomorrow, when one of the newer contractors and I work together to get him up to speed on how things are done. I'm going to have him do some of the screen capture work with me. That should give him a good deal of practice, and quite possibly an opportunity to suggest some changes in the whole approach.

We had new sod installed in the front and the back. We're going from fescue to Bermuda grass, which is easier to maintain and which goes dormant in the winter. The guy who installed it, and who's done most of our landscaping, is a former Marine. His sons are home-schooled and are given the occasional day off from school to help their father. Today was one of those days. I think that in the long run that'll teach them more than sitting in a classroom all day will (an opinion shared by John Taylor Gatto, by the way).

Off to the office tomorrow. Hope all is well at your respective ends.

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