John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. We got lost twice going to the client. When I got to the classroom, I discovered that my laptop didn't work on their network, so I had to work from one of their extra-slow training computers. That was fine until I remembered that my presentation wasn't on that computer. Ah, I thought, I still have the CD that I used to bring it to Kinko's. I checked my backpack, and remembered that I had left the folder, with the disk in it, at my hotel. I have a keychain drive, though, so I copied the presentation to that...and couldn't find a USB port on their computer. They showed me where it was (it was behind a door on the front of the CPU), making me feel like an idiot. So, I go to plug it in, and, due to the angle of the USB port and the size of my keychain drive, I couldn't fit it in. Fortunately, my travel companion had a smaller drive, and, at long last, I was able to copy my presentation to the training computer and begin class.

The first half of the day, I found myself in the back of the room, speaking to the backs of people's heads. I thought it would work, but the longer I went through the day, the more it became apparent that they were having as much trouble with it as I was. Then, at exercise time, I learn that the training database that I had did not have user IDs loaded for all of my students. So, we switched over to their system, and we learn that the job from the night before had not loaded all of the appropriate balances, so I was trying to show them things that they couldn't see. So, we call the technical guy, who promises to run the jobs to load the balances. Now, I have to switch back to my test system and make do with whatever IDs I can find on it...of course, when the instructor says, "log off of this server, we're going to another one," not everyone is listening, so I get ten minutes of, "I can't log on" from those who weren't listening, and have to stand there and walk them through the process of signing on...

That was before lunch. At lunch time, I grew myself a pair and told them that I was going to relocate to the front of the room and use one of the desktops as my demo computer. They seemed quite amenable to that. The rest of the day went fine, aside from one or two instances where I misinformed them on some of the functionality of the system or the way that it would be used at their company (I did correct myself, and have deferred some of the questions to the people who have been working with them all this time).

I'm writing these things down for myself as much as anything. My day could have been worse. I could have had a day like the poor guys from The Weather Channel who risked life and limb to report on Hurricane Katrina. I could have been one of the people displaced by it, or whose homes and businesses were ruined by it. I'm less concerned about how the rest of the week goes here than about the weather back home.

I gotta run. Stay safe.

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