John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

As it turns out, I'm not going anywhere for work for the next couple of weeks, so Mary and I can take our annual trip to the South Side of Chicago to see how her building is doing and to have the space heaters cleaned. We're going to take the opportunity to visit some family (my youngest brother Patrick, who turned 30 last week, and my godmother, who's been my contact with my mother's sisters since Mom died), and, of course, to eat some of that magnificent Chicago food.

I've been busy the past couple of days, grading certification exams and doing various other work-related tasks. It keeps me out of trouble.

We take Minnie and Max to the vet for the first time tomorrow. They appear to be very healthy kittens, but Mary is worried because Minnie opens her mouth to talk, but only makes a little grunting sound. I keep telling her that might be the way that Minnie talks, but it's better to check out. Besides, we like to show off. As I mentioned in this post, Milton, our Devon Rex, has been a wonderful babysitter for them, and they both really like him. In fact, Minnie tries to nurse off of him...seriously, she sucks on one of the little tufts of hair on his underside. He doesn't seem to mind, and we're not going to say anything to him.

Oh, and the government has rejected my drug test because it wasn't taken at an approved facility. Of course, it had been an approved facility up until a week before I took the damn test, but, seeing as how it wasn't when I took it, I have to go do it again. Can anyone guess why their response to Katrina was such a goat rope? Honestly, the government could fuck up a one-car funeral.

I'm tired. I'm off to bed, because I have someone showing up early tomorrow to pressure wash the house. Good night.

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