John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I think I slept more in the car while Mary drove from Mt. Vernon to just outside Chicago than I did at the hotel last night. I didn't feel like sleeping until about midnight, after which I couldn't get comfortable in the bed. Then, when I did, I woke up an hour later with the worst attack of reflux I've had in several months. Neither DGL nor Mylanta would put it out; I ended up trying to fall asleep in the easy chair, which, after the experience, convinced me that it was misnamed. Upshot was, I got an hour or so of sleep all told in the hotel, and about two hours in the car. My stomach is finally settling down after last night; we've had an early dinner and a swim (well, OK, I walked around in the pool for about ten minutes), and now we're settled into our room.

Tomorrow, we're off to get some work done at the building, then off to the north side. One of my uncles is in the hospital, so we might go visit him tomorrow or Saturday. We're having dinner with my brother and his wife Sunday, but apart from that, no specific plans, apart from Mary's yarn shopping one of the days. So, tomorrow's the hump day. Once we get through it, it's all relaxation from there. A real vacation. Wow.

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