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What a day I've had...

We've finally gotten around to having the shower installed in the basement bathroom. Mary found just what she wanted, and we signed the contract, blah blah. They tell us it's a one day installation. Well, needless to say, the guys were here all day Friday and didn't finish because the shower pan was a little too short, and they needed sheet rock to fill in the space. So, they came back today, get everything installed, then realize that they can't get the glass doors in because the shower itself is crooked (I'm assuming that it's not something that they could do anything about). So, we have yet another person coming out tomorrow to assess that situation. Oddly enough, these people advertise that they'll install in a day.

Then, I get my bill from my cellular company, and it looks like the national debt. So, I made the decision to part ways with said cellular company and go with another one, and in the process include Mary on the plan. No problem there; it's just a time-consuming process. I did get a phone that makes the one that I've been carrying for three years look like a brick, and I can program tunes into the new one. I've already taught it "Desafinado". I know, another toy...what can you do?

I made beef stroganoff this evening for dinner. It was good, but I don't think I let the sauce thicken sufficiently. Hey, we were hungry, OK?

And, I think I might have finally finished the work I've been doing for one of our customers, and we can now bill them. Whoo hoo!

And, CSI Miami is on in less than an hour!

Life is good.

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