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John Holton

Haven't posted anything of true consequence in the last couple of days, so I'm about due.

I'm proud of Mary. She decided that running the Charity Knitting and Crocheting ministry at church wasn't enough, so she decided to run free knitting classes for the people in the parish who wanted to learn how. Her first session was this morning; she had thirteen people in the class, and while she didn't do what she had anticipated doing, it was nevertheless a rousing session in which she got a lot of women knitting, or back to knitting as the case might be, and had the time of her life. She spent most of the day on the "teacher high"--well, that's what I call it, anyway.

Of course, she had a nasty fall yesterday when we went out shopping. I was at the Publix doing the grocery shopping, she went to the Office Depot down the block to buy some things for her class and told me that she was going to meet me at the store. Well, I'm just about finished shopping, and they page me to the front desk. So, of course, I'm thinking, oh, for God's sake, she can't be standing there, tapping her foot, wondering why the hell I'm not finished, can she? So, I leave the cart there in the soda aisle and go to the front desk, and there's a guy there, who says, "You John Holton?" And I nod my head, and he says "Come with me." Now, I'm wondering what the hell I've done to get myself in trouble, and he finally explains that Mary had taken a fall, they've called 911 and she's asking for me. So, I run as fast as my big fat body and my little tiny legs will take me, and she's standing there, walking around, putting weight on it, and aside from a nasty contusion on her leg and a little bit of shock, she says she's all right. She had stepped into a hole that had originally held a tree and went down hard. So, everyone leaves us, and all she can talk about is how embarrassed she was, and how she wanted to get the hell out of there before the paramedics came and found out that it really wasn't anything serious (or at least she says it wasn't). Still, the both of us are very happy that it wasn't anything serious, especially given that we don't have any insurance, and are very thankful that someone was there to help her onto her feet and worry that much about her.

A bunch of stuff that I ordered from Sweetwater Sound came yesterday. I ordered new strings and picks from them, to see if I can get my playing back on track. You guitar players will know what I'm talking about here: I've been having the worst time trying to find picks that feel comfortable in my hand while I'm playing, and after experimenting with Tortex, Ultex, Delrins, Cool Pix, Claytons, big triangles, extra-heavy Gator Grips, little teardrops, big teardrops, nylon, Herco-flex and a lot of other crap, I'm back to the old heavy plastic Fender 351s (as seen on my icon). Needless to say, I have a box of other stuff that I probably won't use, so if you're interested, let me know.

I've got to focus on work the next couple of weeks. Vacation is definitely over.

I'm watching the Braves game right now, and I've just seen one of the least motivated performances by a group of cheerleaders I've ever seen. Kind of reminds me of the days when the Braves were way out of it by this time of the year. I kind of miss those days.

Better go get the sheets on the bed. I'm getting very tired.
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