John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

You know how these things happen. Everything seems to be telling you to do something. Well, last night was one of those nights.

First, there was sharonthenurse's discussion of Massillon High School football, which reminded me of a pipe-and-drum band that was based there a number of years ago. Then, annef shared pictures of yesterday's Toronto Santa Claus Parade, which featured the Pipes and Drums of the Toronto Police Department. Finally, Mary had on a television show that included bagpipe music. Needless to say, my curiosity got the better of me: I Googled the name of my old band, the Invermich Gaelic Society Pipes and Drums.

In doing so, I learned a couple of things: first, after a couple of years playing as the University of Chicago Alumni Association Pipes and Drums, the band finally disbanded after the 2000 competition season (their new pipe major, who started after I did, was an English professor there). I also learned that our old pipe sergeant was now living in Alabama and was pipe major of a band out of Birmingham. So, I sent him an email. He wrote back and said that it was good to hear from me again, along with letting me know that his band needed more pipers, hint hint.

It's good to make connections like that.
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