John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Well, I'm here. Thank God. We had a little convective activity on the way into Kansas City...we flew through all of the bad weather that they had just gotten rid of. Whee!

It wasn't the worst I've ever flown through; I think the trip across Lake Ontario from Erie, PA to Toronto has this one beat hands-down. And there was a flight to Charlotte which, while not particularly bad, was made much worse by the spoiled brat who screamed the entire time because his ball had rolled under the seat in front of him and his mother wouldn't go get it for him (proof once again that children should fly in the baggage compartment--sorry, all you parents out there).

Anyway, the worst part of the trip (dragging my suitcase, laptop case, and 50 lbs worth of training materials through the airport--all told, that's about 100 lbs, not to mention all the extra weight I'm carrying, which partially explains why I'm so damn tired--being nearly strip-searched by the TSApes, and getting myself to my gate without being run over by a bunch of clods who think that the world is their phone booth) is over, and I'm safe and sound and in my room now, almost ready to go to bed. This room has two double beds in it, rather than a king-sized bed. For some reason, that's more comfortable, maybe because it's closer to what I have at home (minus the dozen or so cats that sleep, walk around, swat at each other, etc.), or maybe because the king sized beds in Courtyards are so blasted uncomfortable because the mattress is only about five inches deep so you're practically sleeping on the box spring.

I got a room right near the pool, and I brought my trunks with me (imagine a 350 lb man in Tennessee orange swim trunks...ooooh, scary, kids). I can't really swim, but I'll tell you it feels great to get in the water and have it buoy me up. I just walk back and forth for about half an hour. I think I'll take a water aerobics class next year. It'd do me some good, I'll bet.

Yes, once again, I'm focused on losing weight. I'm getting tired of being tired all the time, the pain in my knees, the sweating, breathlessness and exhaustion that comes with any activity that requires a small amount of know how it is. I got myself in pretty good shape by the end of last year, but after four months of purposely inflicting pain on myself while working with a trainer, I just didn't want any part of it.

I'm tired. I'm off to bed. See you all tomorrow.
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