John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I'm actually all set to go out of town this week. Almost everything's packed, I have my boarding pass, I've checked the weather there (cold, at least to this adopted son of the South), and I got gas last week before I went to the airport, so the tank is nearly full. I did all my paperwork (especially my bill and my expense report) last night, so that's all taken care of.

A thought that came up in a conversation here earlier: Although I know that I didn't finish the NaNo novel this year, I'm thinking that it might be cool to make 2006 my NaNoWriYear. In other words, write the first draft of a short novel every month for a year. I've had so many false starts that I could take all of the ideas that I've had, started and haven't gone anywhere and just get them written. It might be tough to finish in February, but hey, February sucks, anyway. Maybe break the year into 4 week periods and do 13 of them. Or take off the period before November and do NaNo that month. I haven't worked out the details yet.
Tags: nanowrimo, update

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