John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I don't wear a wristwatch, since my cellphone has a very accurate clock in it. The problem is that I have to turn it off while in the air, and I never know what time it is. Today, I remembered that my Rio Cali has a clock in it, so I took it along on this trip. Anyway, I seem to have lost the USB cable that connects it to my desktop, on which most of my music is loaded. So, I figured I'd just listen to whatever was on there.

About halfway through the trip, guess what song came on?

Just thinking about it, I might just leave the music that I have loaded on it there, or dump it out to disk. In addition to Earth, Wind and Fire, I also have Emily Remler, Art Pepper, Al Jarreau, "Let It Be...Naked" by the Beatles, all of the "Rock Instrumental Classics" from Rhino, Billy Joe Walker and Chuck Loeb loaded onto it. Great stuff.
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