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John Holton

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch in my room at about 10:30 and woke up at 1 AM. I set the alarm and got into bed, slept for about half an hour, and woke up, alert and very dry. Two frustrating hours later, during which I tried and failed to get to sleep, I got out of bed and was up for the day. I made myself a pitcher of ice water (I like hotels that have refrigerators in the room), drank most of it, and I don't believe that I passed any of it for a good long time, so I must have been terribly dry.

Oddly, I'm still fairly alert. Coffee and Red Bull will do that. I'm just hoping that I can get some sleep tonight; I haven't slept well in over a week, and it's starting to worry me a little. I'm really looking forward to the downtime after this week. I think I need it.

It has been colder than Kelsey's you-know-what here (thank you, Jonathan Winters), with temps in the single digits (that's Fahrenheit, by the way). Snow is threatened for tomorrow. You know, I grew up in Chicago, where we got plenty of snow (my father died the day before the big snowstorm in 1967, and Mary and I were married two days after a huge snowstorm in 1978), but now, after 18 years in the South, the mere thought of driving in snow scares me. I'm sure I'll be all right; I have a 4WD vehicle if I need it and I'm unusually careful in bad weather. Still, I wish I was back in the Atlanta area, where, when it snows, everyone stays home until it melts. Actually, I just wish I was home.

I think I'll try gargling with some Dr. Tichenor's before bed and see if that makes any difference in the dryness in my sinuses. I stopped at Walgreen's at lunch time and found it there. I should have said "before couch" above; the bed in this room is clearly not made for sleeping. Nor are the pillows. In fact, the most comfortable place to sleep in this room is the easy chair. Maybe I'll sleep there.

When you're staying in a hotel, do you ever find yourself concerned about what the housekeeper is going to think about the way you left the room? I think the only reason I got up off of the couch last night was because I was worried that the housekeeper would see that the bed wasn't slept in and wonder about me. Honestly, the things I worry about.

I almost forgot: last week, they showed the remastered version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", featuring Burl Ives. I'm happy to say that they've restored Burl's version of the title song to the show. You might remember that last year, I was in high dudgeon over the song being sung by Claymation versions of Destiny's Child. This evening, they showed a restored version of "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I missed it in favor of a rerun of NCIS. I can listen to the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack anytime I want, and, let's face it, that's my favorite part of the show. Always was, even when I was 9.

That's it for tonight. See you tomorrow. Maybe sooner if I wake up at 3 AM again and can't get back to sleep.
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