John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Well, this is just great. Everything's working fine on my laptop. On my desktop, I can't use any of my web browsers (Firefox, IE, Netscape) or Outlook Express. It's not the modem, or I wouldn't be able to use my laptop to get around. It's not the Ethernet cable, or I wouldn't have been able to plug it in to my laptop, disable my wireless connection, and work on my laptop. It's got to be some weird setting inside Windows; I can ping every website and my mail server, I get a quick reply from each, but when I try to actually use the client programs, they don't work (i.e. I can't connect using them). I have the Windows firewall set; it should warn me when I try to use a program that doesn't work, but so far it hasn't.

Any ideas, anyone?
Tags: tech_question

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