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John Holton

Ears are still plugged, but I'm hearing a little better, so it's off to a meeting tomorrow. I didn't work much last week, and the week between Christmas and New Year's is vacation time for me, so I suppose I should have some billable time between now and the end of the year.

I spent most of yesterday reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. That was, incidentally, the book that I had been having trouble getting through, not Order of the Phoenix, which I finished so quickly that I nearly forgot about it (not that I forgot any of the characters, including the awful Professor Umbridge). For some reason, I got all hung up on all of the conversation between the British Prime Minister and the Minister of Magic, which seemed not to flow all that well and really wasn't as amusing as I'm sure Ms. Rowling would have liked to have thought. This go around, I found that I could skip the first chapter entirely and the rest of it flowed pretty well. It was good; it'll be interesting to see what she does in the last book of the series, which, if I'm not mistaken, comes out in a couple of years.

We went to the library yesterday and I picked up a couple of books. I haven't had time to look at them much, but one of them is the memoir of Sidney Sheldon, who, as it turns out, grew up in Rogers Park, on the north side of Chicago, which is exactly where I grew up. I've always felt that I should read more of his writing; perhaps now I will. I also came across a book of interviews with authors that were conducted by a woman on radio station WLUW-FM, which, oddly enough, is the radio station operated by my alma mater, Loyola University, which, oddly enough, is located in Rogers Park, on the north side of Chicago, where Sidney Sheldon and I grew up (although I think that the radio station's studios are at Lewis Towers, which is downtown, right across the street from the Water Tower). Talk about your days of coincidence. I also picked up a book on desktop fabrication, the ability to make things with machinery that fits on a desktop. I haven't looked at that one very carefully yet, so I'm kind of hazy on the details, but it looks interesting.

Anyway, both Mary and I are convalescing. She's had a cold that seems to have settled in her chest, and is coughing terribly. By comparison, I'm doing pretty well...
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