John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been quiet lately, I know. Since the demise of our television, my office (where my computers are) has become the temporary TV room, meaning that there's been a lot more traffic in here than I'm accustomed to. Things will be back to (more or less) normal later in the week, when the new TV arrives.

I kind of feel like Luann this morning. I didn't do so good on keeping my resolutions, either. I didn't work out three times a week, I didn't get anything ready for publication, I haven't made any steps to grow my business. Oh well, resolutions are made to be broken, I guess.

We spent yesterday evening watching episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent until both Mary and I got sick of Vincent d'Onofrio, then went to bed at midnight. We were too tired to even make pizza rolls.

  1. Keep my home office as clean as possible. I'm learning that the clutter holds ill feelings and traps bad memories.
  2. Focus on what I'm doing. If I'm working, focus on it. If I'm writing, focus on it. If I'm helping Mary clean the house, focus on that. I can be a real scatterbrain sometimes.
  3. I'm meeting with my new doctor/naturopath on 31 Jan. I'm going to do whatever she tells me, believing that it'll help me lose weight and lower my blood pressure.
  4. Use the time I spend playing solitaire and surfing the Internet for writing.
  5. Convince the people at my client company that they want to hire me.

That'll keep me busy for a few months.
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